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Services Provided by L&L

1. Pipefitting
process piping, chiller piping, utility, sprinkler systems, sewerage systems, steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, Teflon, cast iron, lined pipe, glass, plastic, clay tile and fiberglass piping of all sizes.
2. Welding
electric arc, heliarc, MIG, brazing, carbon steel, stainless steel, monel, aluminum and copper.
3. Mechanical
process equipment installation and maintenance, cooling towers, drive installation and repair, pump and motor mounting, installation and repair of vacuum systems, glass lined vessel patching, centrifuge repairs and rigging.
4. Maintenance
assistance and preventative maintenance programs.
5. Insulation
vessels, piping and buildings.
6. Fabrication
piping, ducting, hoppers, tanks, troughs, carbon steel and plastics.
7. Operations
plant start-ups and equipment shake down.
8. Engineering
licensed professional engineers, project management, bid packages, engineering reviews and design services.
9. Miscellaneous
other services, such as, heavy rigging, large excavations, pile driving, demolition, site preparation and electrical work are also provided on a subcontracted basis.

For additional information on services & costs, including an information request form and color photographs of previous construction installation sites, 
please click here.

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